Every business is unique so is their data quality processes. An off-the-shelf data quality product will not cover all custom business cases which are unique to your business. We have created a framework and flexible “Restful API” that can be customized and enhanced for your business need. It can be stand-alone or can be integrated to your existing platform using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


a.) Data Validation and Monitoring – Businesses use manual data validation after data migration and integration process. It is time consuming and error prone.
We help companies automating data validation process that saves them time and resource.

b.) Business Rule Creation and Validation – Business users speak different languages; technical people speak different language. Business rules are lost in b/w
them and the result is disaster. Business Intelligence and Data Migration projects fail because they do not comply with Business Rules. We provide
a non-technical way of writing and validation business rules.

c.) Data Preparation – Your Data Scientist spend 60%-70% of their time in doing data cleaning and data fishing to fit into model. We have simplified the process
of data preparation so that your data scientists become very effective.